Welcome to Wave's 2022 Summer League!!

WAVE's legendary Summer League is back this year in full force! This is where swimmers get good, FAST, in a fun team environment.

WAVE is a USA swim team unlike most summer teams. USA swimming is the organization that oversees all year-round swimming in the US, from age group up to the Olympics. WAVE summer leaguers become members of USA swimming (included in membership fees) and are coached by our year-round swim coaches, who are fully certified USA swimming coaches and have logged thousands of hours coaching some of the best swimmers in the region. Wave summer leaguers will also be competing in USA swimming sanctioned swim meets. This means that their times are entered into the same national database as Michael Phelps' and Katie Ledecky's times! Even if swimmers move out of state, their swim record can follow them, and they can join another competitive team seamlessly.

At the end of the summer season, Wave's summer league swimmers will have a primary consideration for membership in Wave's exclusive year round competitive swim team! Some of the best swimmers on the team got their start on the Wave summer league!


Dates: June 20th - August 4th, 2022

Championship Meet: August 6th, 2022 in Marysville

Practice Times: Monday-Thursday mornings

10&u A: 8:10-9:30am (20m Dryland, 60m Pool)

10&u B: 9:30-10:50am (60m Pool, 20m Dryland)

11&o: 8:15-10:00am (20m Dryland, 85m Pool)

Location: Juanita Aquatic Center

Cost: $330 and includes:

    • USA Swimming Membership

    • Team Cap and Team T-shirt

    • 7 weeks of Practice

    • Fees for 2 swim meets (including awards!)

    • Priority consideration to Join Wave's year-round team at the end of the Summer Season

    • The Best Summer League Coaches in the entire US (as judged by the coaches themselves)

Who is it for?

Summer league is geared for swimmers aged 6-13, who are new to the world of competitive swimming. Swimmers must be comfortable in the deep end, and be able to swim 25 yards of both freestyle and backstroke without stopping. We’ll teach you the rest!

What do you learn?

·All four competitive swim strokes: Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke and Butterfly

·Starts, turns and finishes

·Competitive swim strategies

You will not find a more enthusiastic, involved and better prepared staff to work with your young swimmers!

·The 8-week session includes fun swim meets where the kids showcase their advanced skills and let their parents see how much they have improved.

·Swim meets are optional, but we encourage participation as ribbons are awarded for all races swam.

Meet Schedule

We are planning to do an in-practice 'Mini Meet', as well as a mid-season meet, and a championship meet at the end of the season in early August at the Marysville Pilchuck Pool.

Workout 'flow'

Swimmers should arrive wearing their swimsuits, under clothes they can quickly change in/out of. We will be doing a short dryland workout before each swim workout that will include some stretching and a few key exercises, so please dress warm enough to be outside for about 10-15 minutes. At this time, everyone entering the pool building is required to wear a mask. Swimmers must arrive wearing a mask. Swimmers will wear their masks for the dryland workout and put them back on immediately after drying off following swim workout.