Matchmaker Map

Can't see it? Request Access! It is limited to Wave Summer League accounts to protect personal info.

How to add your placemark

For visual people:

CLICK HERE then follow the directions below

For wordy people:

Step 1: CLICK HERE to go to the Map

Step 2: Enter your address in the search field, and push enter on keyboard

Step 3: Click '+Add to Map'

Step 4: Choose Edit (pencil icon) to add your contact information

Step 5: Enter your info. All fields are optional and can be viewed by other parents who have this link.

  • Enter AGE of swimmer (10&u ends before 11&o)

  • Add your EMAIL and/or PHONE number

  • Add NOTES about your availability

  • SAVE to add to the map

Step 6: View the map to find other families that live near you.

Click on their pin to learn how to contact them to share rides.

*No names are needed but make sure to enter contact info or no one can get ahold of you! You can delete your location at any time, or ask me to.

Questions? Feedback? Let me know! I set this up to be as self-sufficient and anonymous as possible, but that means I have NO idea if it's working. So I'd love feedback! Has it saved you hours? Was it hard to figure out? Do you know a better way? We are considering carpool maps for the rest of the team, which makes this a 'pilot study'.