Goggle Guide

How to get your goggles water-tight and get over water leaks

  1. Get Competitive goggles

Most kids’ goggles aren’t made for competitive swimming and will reliably come off in a good dive. Competitive swimming goggles fit inside the eye socket, not around the eye, and have a much lower profile. Speedo Vanquisher Jr. and TYR Blackhawsks have the universal fit that I have seen. Speedo Vanquisher Jr. TYR Blackhawk

  1. Get the right nose bridge

Most competitive goggles will come with several ‘bridges’ that accommodate a wide range of eye spacing. if you have a narrow nose, swap out the nose bridge for the narrow option.

  1. Open eyes WIDE to put them on

Fit the top of the goggle in first, under the eyebrow, then the bottom. When relaxed, the eyebrow should slightly bulge over the top of the goggle. The top of the goggle will bear more pressure in a dive, so it needs to have a very low profile.

  1. Make sure they ‘burp’

Push them into the eye socket gently. They should ‘burp’ air, and seal.

  1. Suction test:

The seal should be good enough to hold them on your eye without the strap. If they fit well, you can even look down and try to shake them off without them falling off!

  1. Split the strap

If the strap is rolled into one, it often has a higher profile and can be pulled off by the water.

  1. Dive chin in the ‘notch’

Technically, it's the ‘suprasternal notch’, but it's effectively the chin parking spot for dives and so much else.

  1. Learn how not to care

Goggles have been leaking since they were invented, and no one has yet died from it. Even Olympians’ goggles leak. Michael Phelps set a world record in the 200 FL with leaky goggles. Don’t let a piece of plastic get between you and your goals!


  1. Goggles failing suction test?

Check to make sure there is nothing between the goggle and skin. Common offenders include cap, eyebrows, hair and goggle straps. If it is still not suctioning, the goggle is the wrong shape, likely either the nose bridge is too wide, or the goggle cup is the wrong shape. In which case, try another model!

  1. Goggles suctioning but still coming off in dive?

A dive puts the most pressure on goggles and is the most likely moment goggles will come off. If all of the above don’t work, there are a few more things to try, but these are short term solutions - in other words, usually not comfortable to do for an entire swim practice:

Tighten the strap - if you have a goggle strap that can be easily tightened. A bungee strap is excellent for quick fixes.

Put Cap OVER goggle strap - you can also pull it over the top of goggles.

Goggle anti-fog pro tip:

A drop of tear free baby shampoo, like Johnson & Johnson prevents goggle fog! (gog fog?) Swish it around and rinse once, and you’ll be gog fog free! If you can’t afford $2 of baby shampoo, spit works too.. But slightly groser. And slightly less Covid approved.