Swim Meet Survival Guide

SUMMER LEAGUE CHAMPS MEET will be in early August

Location: Marysville-Pilchuck High School

Time: TBD

Events: 100FR, 50FR, 50BR, 50BK, 50FL, 100IM, possibly Relays

Awards: Medals for 1st, 2nd & 3rd. Ribbons for 4th, 5th & 6th.

USA Sanctioned Meets

Wave Aquatics is a USA sanctioned club and we participate in USA sanctioned swim meets. This means that there will be certified officials at the meet. These officials oversee every part of a meet to the standards of USA swimming; starting them, checking stroke legality and ensuring times are valid. As a result, these times will become part of their official swim record that will follow them as far as they go in swimming. USA swimming is the organization that governs all swimming in the United States from age group 8 & unders on up to the Olympics!


We can’t run meets without your help! Specifically we need timers, announcers, starters, deck traffic controllers, paper porters and lots of kid wranglers. This is part of the team commitment and one of the ONLY chances to see them swim! (No guarantee that you will be posted where you can see the races, though!). Volunteer hours are also, of course, required for team membership. Sometimes competition for these positions can be quite tight, and the positions will be filled within an hour of them being posted.

Similar to decommitting from a meet (above)

  1. Go to www.waveaquatics.org

2. Sign in (sign in button is upper left side of page below main buttons)

3. Click on Meets/Events button

4. Click on meet of choice from list on that page

5. Upper right side of page there is an Attend/Decline button- click on that

6. You will see- Click on Member Name to declare for this Event:

7. Click on your name, then on the next page you will see where it says select- there is a drop down, where you can choose either the Yes or No option.

Important Notes about Job Signups:

  • Please note that after the job signup deadline you will be responsible to find your own replacement if you are not able to fulfill the job for any reason.

  • If a member or their replacement fails to show for a volunteer work shift, the work hours missed will be billed at $50 per hour.

  • Please be on time. We've had several instances of people arriving late for their jobs. Your late arrival will be treated in accordance to the Service Hour Policy. You will be billed $12.50 for each 15-minute increment (rounded up) until your arrival. We don't wish to do this so please be on time.

  • You can only sign up as an official if you've received your certifications or have taken the necessary steps to work on your certification. If you have not taken the required clinic(s) then you cannot work as an official.

  • Please pay close attention to the job notes. Certain jobs or positions for those jobs REQUIRE experience. We do check, and we will ask that you remove your signup if you put your name for a job that you don't have the necessary experience for.

  • The job times are only estimates. You are expected to stay until the job is done if the meet is running late.

  • The meet jobs are to be performed by an adult, unless prior approval has been granted by the Booster President, before the meet starts.

  • The Service Hour Policy can be reviewed here, https://www.teamunify.com/SubTabGeneric.jsp?team=wave&_stabid_=131918.

  • Meet Job Descriptions can be found here, https://www.teamunify.com/SubTabGeneric.jsp?team=wave&_stabid_=48973.

Becoming a certified USA Official

Interested in helping in a more interesting capacity? Do you look good in white polos? Many parents go the extra mile, taking a course and becoming an official themselves! Officials are even more critical to swim meets, they are even more likely to get a front row seat, and are even more likely to rake in the karma points (and some compensation).


Example Meet Time Table

Every meet is different in length, in events, in order, in qualifying times, but this is the most common format.Before the decommit deadline we can only have a rough idea of how long the meet will be. After swimmer attendance and event signups (done by coaches) are sorted out, then we can work out the timetable for exact pickups and dropoffs. We won’t know that until after decommits and entries are sorted out. This is a best guess, same schedule both Saturday and Sunday. Info in Red is specific to an old meet, and does NOT apply future meets.

Drop off / Check-in: 2:50pm, in Front of Juanita (practice check-in location)

Warmup: 3:00 -3:30 (2 warmups, White group will all be in the first warmup)

Meet: 3:30:00-7:00pm

Pickup: 7:00pm (in practice pickup location)

Heat Sheet and Events by Athlete

Swimmer Preparation for Meets

What WE do to prepare (we = coaches & swimmers)

-Go over meet procedures (flow, waiting locations, staging locations, whistle signals…)

-Go over requirements for legal strokes

-Go over best technique for each stroke

-Help set expectations for events

-When to panic (never!)

What YOU can do:

-Make sure they have everything on the checklist (below)

-Feed them good food (nothing heavy, no steaks or ice cream)

-Find Events they’re swimming, and write on their arm

-Be on time!

-Videos that will help them mentally prepare (if you have the time)

Streamlining is a Superpower

Diving: Push! Air is easier to fly through than water!

Caleb Dressel WR 100IM - Channel your inner Dressel - fast turns, FL recovery with straight arms, BR agressive down to glide.

How to DQ - Disqualifications (DQs) are when swimmers break a rule of the stroke. If they break a rule, they don’t get credit for the time. So don’t do these! Many of the DQs in the video won’t apply to our group, but many of them do!

-Cheer for them on Youtube - After you’ve fed, clothed, packed up and delivered your swimmer - all you have left to do is queue up the meet’s youtube live feed and cheer yourself hoarse!

What to Wear

We request that all swimmers in a meet wear the summer league shirt and the purple team cap. This makes it feel more like a team and helps us keep track of swimmers.

Feed for Speed

Pre-meet meals

To get swimmers in fighting form, eat foods heavy in carbohydrates and light in proteins and fats the night before the meet and the morning of the meet. Proteins and fats take longer to digest and may still be digesting the next day, using energy the athlete needs for speed! Good carbs include pasta, rice, bread, potatoes… anything with more volume than color. In other words, no meat before meets!

Meet Snacks

Feel free to bring snacks, but keep it to simple carbs: juice, fruit, granola bars, fruit snacks, a watermelon, maybe. No chocolate milk, beef jerky or blocks of cheese. If it is a quick meet (only a couple hours, say) then there's no need to pack much. Swimmers sometimes feel like it is a race to eat everything before the meet ends! They may win that race, but they will add time in the water. In the quick meets, if they spend the time between events eating, then they spend the time in the event, digesting!

Writing Events on Arm

The Heat Sheet or Meet Program will be available ahead of time. Use that to create an E/H/L/SD grid on your athlete’s arm. Do this BEFORE you leave for the meet. You need a sharpie and the Heat Sheet. Heat Sheet will be available on the Meet's event page.

The grid will look something like this:


1A 2 5 100FR

16 4 6 50 BR

21 7 3 100 IM

E= Event, H= Heat, L= Lane, SD = stroke distance

Motivational Times

Wave marks the achievement of USA Swimming's Motivational Time Standards with special, distinctively colored caps that can be proudly worn in practice (not meets). The times are set by USA Swimming, and are based on swimmers across the entire United States. They are specific to the pool size: JAC is a 25 yard pool which is 'Short Course Yards' or SCY. Some pools we compete at are 50 meters long (like KCAC), so they are called 'Long Course Meters' or LCM . The times are also specific to each age group (10&under, 11-12, 13-14...) and gender (girls or boys). The first level is called a 'B time'. The BB time is faster still. Then A, AA, AAA and AAAA is the hardest to achieve.

Achieving a ‘B time’ is a great accomplishment. Only about 20% of white Group has achieved a B time, in competition. FAR fewer have achieved a BB time. Of the ~ 300 swimmers on the whole Wave Swim Team, only 9 have achieved an AAA time, and none have achieved an AAAA time... yet!

Achieving one of these times is a worthy goal, but not the only standard of progress by far. Many of our most technically proficient swimmers haven’t yet swam a B time, but they have much better prospects for the long run.

Check out the Youtube page for Meet Prep Videos

Check out the Apps page to get LIVE event results during the meet!