Greetings Summer Leaguers,

It is officially summer, and we are a week in and looking strong! The first week always starts a little slow as we do some swimmer safety savvy and find a ‘flow’ to practice. The second week we settle into a rhythm and dial up the challenge, the fun, and the splash factor.

Summer League Notes

  • T-shirts: We are about to put in the T-shirt order for summer league, so make sure your shirt size is correct on your team registration! Make sure it is your swimmer’s size, not a parent’s.

  • Carpool hunting? Checkout the Car->Pool matchmaker map. wasn’t working but now fixed, thanks to Mayank!

  • Summer Gear Checklist - be sure to check the notes on each item. details matter.

  • Arrive ready to swim - Swimmers should arrive with their suit on, ready to swim. Locker room use will be limited to ablutions and changing after practice.

  • No Summer League Parents allowed in the building during practice

  • Dryland is at the back entrance to Juanita Aquatic Center (JAC): Families can drop swimmers off in front of JAC or beside the ‘fieldhouse’. Feel free to walk swimmers over to the dryland area. The 10&u ‘B’ practice will start in the water (then dryland after swimming), so families can drop-off in front of the Pool. Pick-up will always be out front of the pool near the bicycle racks. No parking in the pickup zone.


- July 7 - Time Trial / Mock Meet in practice - don’t miss it! Plan to be there from 8:00-11am. Details TBD

- July 23 - Possible Meet at Kamiak High School, Details TBD

- August 6 - Summer League Championship Meet at Marysville High School Pool

- August 8 - End-of-Season Awards Ceremony & Pool Party (8:30-11:00am)


Location: Juanita Aquatic Center

Times: Monday-Thursday mornings

10&u A: 8:10-9:30am (20m Dryland, 60m Pool)

10&u B: 9:30-10:50am (60m Pool, 20m Dryland)

11&o: 8:15-10:00am (20m Dryland, 85m Pool)

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New to competitive swimming?

There are several gear hurdles that can hold swimmers back:

  • Swimmers will need a competitive swimsuit - No rash guards, swim ‘trunks’, shirts, wetsuits. Suits with ‘extras’ are not legal for meets (swimmers will be disqualified), and they also create a lot of drag, slowing them down.

  • Competitive Swim Goggles - swim lesson goggles aren’t good enough - they will fall off in a good dive. Competitive swim goggles are lower profile and fit inside the eye socket.

  • Everyone wears a cap - kids with long hair, kids with short hair, olympians with no hair!

Wave Summer Website - Calendar, Gear guide, Videos, Meet FAQ and more. I update the Calendar throughout the week. It will have all the latest on any schedule updates, meet details, and plans for the group.